Kitchen Remodeling: Taking the Leap

Many are thinking of remodeling their kitchens but have never gone past the exploration stage.  You can be in the same boat, pondering on the idea for years but have never made a go of it.  Here is a guide on how to approach kitchen remodeling, giving you the confidence to finally take that leap.

Know your priorities

Be clear about your lifestyle and priority.  Ask yourself how many family members are using the kitchen regularly.  Does your family love to gather in the kitchen? If so, can your existing kitchen accommodate them?  Do you need to extend your kitchen or is the existing enough?  Gather pictures of kitchens that match your style and get inspiration from these.

Prepare an initial budget plan

A kitchen remodeling budget rests heavily on the scope of works you want to be carried out.

Expect to make changes in budget and works to be accomplished during the design stage.  This is because as you do more research, you become aware of a variety of products in the market.  You will either upgrade, downgrade, or even slash some items in your budget depending on your priority and fund availability.

Find a professional

While you might prefer to remodel on your own to save on labor, you will, at some point, still hire an expert for those jobs that are highly specialized.

Whether or not you are going to hire an expert for special jobs or for the entire kitchen remodeling project, always ask your trusted friends or family members for referrals.  They may know of someone who can help you with each phase of the remodeling.   If you have extra funds, you might want to hire a designer who’s an expert in kitchen remodeling.  He can help you with space planning, layout, design, materials selection, finishes, among others.

Ask for estimates

Do not be content with approaching a single contractor when checking out how much your envisioned kitchen remodeling will cost.  Ask for project estimates from at least 3 contractors and compare.

Discuss expectations with your contractor

If you are hiring the services of a contractor, it is best to get everything on the table.  Don’t hesitate to ask questions.   Be clear about your expectations.  This will save you costly and frustrating reworks in the future.

Set up a temporary kitchen

This will keep your sanity intact.  While your kitchen is being overhauled, you’ll definitely need a temporary one where you can go on doing your daily kitchen chores for the family.  While your permit is being processed, you may start clearing out your kitchen cabinets.  Store those that you don’t use regularly and transfer everyday kitchen gadgets to your temporary kitchen.

Even if you’ve done your homework well, it’s still possible to discover minor glitches after remodeling.  These petty things do happen and reliable contractors do come back to remedy them.  The best approach is not to sweat the small stuff and be thankful you finally took the leap.



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