Paint Problems That Are High On The List of Building Owners

Owning a building, whether residential or commercial is one of the best real property investment there is.  Buildings, however, must be properly maintained and there are a lot of ways to ensure that buildings remain well preserved.

A good paint job is one way of preserving your property.  A reliable commercial painter can offer help and advice especially if paint problems have started to surface.   They are in the best position to identify paint problems and address them properly.  Leaving this to the experts allows you to concentrate on other aspects of property maintenance.

There are a lot of paint problems hounding property owners but it’s best to highlight the ones that are high on their list.


The sight of paint that has peeled is an eyesore, especially if the area involved is extensive.  One of the root causes of peeling is very poor adhesion.  Most likely, moisture has seeped through between each spread of paint at the time they were applied.  It is also possible that painters haven’t prepared the wall surfaces prior to applying fresh paint.  A seasoned painter sees to it that walls have been prepped properly before a paint job.  He knows this is vital to good adhesion.

Spots on metal surfaces

Rails of stairs and other surfaces built with metal can be unsightly when paint spots appear.  Usually, a good coating of primer using the right grade prior to painting would have prevented this problem.  Otherwise, blotches will appear sooner or later.


Blisters or bubbles are also a very common occurrence on poorly painted surfaces.  While these may result from poor adhesion, they are most often a result of painting done on a moist or hot surface.  Commercial painting experts will not allow such a sloppy job.  They will ensure that the top coat has a smooth finish sans the blisters.


There are a lot of commercial paint brands that contain some fungicide.  This ingredient helps protect painted walls from having mildew.   Mildew spread on walls that are damp or on surfaces that are hardly reached by natural sunlight.  Experienced commercial painters are aware that mildew should be removed.  Wall surfaces must be treated appropriately before applying fresh paint so mildew regrowth is avoided.


Chalking is evident when there is a fine sheet of powder seen on painted walls.  This happens usually during weathering.  Slight chalking can be normal, but too much chalking isn’t.  The paint color also fades.  Most of the time, this happens when the paint used is of a very low grade or when an interior paint is used for outdoor surfaces.  This can be remedied by using a power washing equipment, application of a solvent or water-based primer, and repainting with a  good exterior coating.

Many paint problems arise because of poor preparation and use of low grade and inappropriate paint.  Deal with paint problems the earliest you can and always hire a professional commercial painter.

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