Roofing Problems and Solutions

Roofing is one of the important cost contributors of a certain infrastructure. Some engineers replace roofs with rooftops in order to save money. However, it is very traditional and elegant to look at a well-designed roofing of a house or a building. House businesses invest more on the roofs; it is an important asset that customers look for.

It is significant to detect and pinpoint these problems as well as device necessary plans and actions to reduce further damage and lower down the cost of repair. Factors that affect the life and durability of the roof should be considered. Below are 8 of the most common roofing problems and some ways how to fix it.

Roof Blow-offs, billowing

Leaking is not only the major problem faced by building owners. Due to non-adherence to the substrate of the roof or improper installation of flashing, roof blow-offs and billowing might occur. These problems may cause certain disturbance to the people living in the building. Moreover, it may also cause leaks, code issues, and lesser resistance to a puncture which damages the entire integrity of the roof. In order to efficiently and easily address this problem, ask your contractor about the specification and building code of the roof. This will help you in installing a new roof for the building.

Faulty Integration of roof and Low Workmanship

An important factor that affects the vulnerability and the lifespan of the roof is its integration or installation. The reason behind poor installation is a low workmanship of the assigned authority in the installation of the roof. These people might not know the problems of adhesion, which are effects of dirty and dry materials before installation. Make sure that the crew and the contractor you hire to install your roof are well experienced in that field. Do some interviews or research about them before engaging them.

Water Accumulation

Accumulation of water in the roof, matched with direct sunlight is surely a complete disaster to your building. Voids appear in the membrane due to inappropriate mopping on installation. These voids are spaces for water to accumulate into which can further damage the roof. Low slope roofing is only one cause of water accumulation. The slopes should be 25 degrees – 45 degrees at max. Add some insulation during the installation to prevent accumulation of water.

Damaged Fascia

Fascias are horizontal pieces of the roof framing that signify the edges of the rafters. Gutters are attached to the fascias, so making a mistake in the installation of the gutter may cause damages to the fascia. Damage fascias create a great impact to the roofing integrity and might be one of the reasons for its collapse on certain circumstances. In order to fix it, replace the damaged fascia and fix the installation of the gutter.

Roof Leaks

Leaking is only observable during rainy seasons and it is one of the major problems encountered in the roofing. Leaking is caused by interruption or termination of the membrane or improper moisture blockage in bitumen roofs. A good way to fix a leaking roof is to apply sealing products or to hire a professional roofing contractor and let them check on the problem.


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